Measurable Achievements

Celebrating our students' successes is the driving factor that keeps Rice striving to offer a top high school education. The achievements from the class of 2018 are proof that a Rice education leads to higher education.

Rice prepares students for the next step in their academic career. We help students recognize their gifts and talents. We also meet students where they are at when it come to selecting a path that will form their future. We can preach about our students' accomplishments but would rather let the data speaks for itself.

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VSAC Survey

Every other year, the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC) surveys senior students throughout Vermont. In 2018, 67.9% of Rice's senior class responded to the survey. The goal of the survey is to determine the planned activities of seniors in Vermont once they graduate from high school.

The comparison of Rice students to the statewide data is distinctive. The data speaks volumes about Rice students' college preparedness. The caring environment supports our students and helps them overcome obstacles. By continuously challenging students, teachers at Rice help them evolve and cultivate their interests.
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VSAC also surveyed Rice's class of 2016 in 2018 to find out the outcome of this class' planned activities. Persistence is defined as the percentage of students who re-enrolled in the fall of 2017 after completing their freshman year in college. The overall state-wide persistence was found to be 83.6%. Rice's class of 2016's persistence was found to be 92.5%
The class of 2018 agreed that Rice provides a good education. In fact, 97.2% of Rice students felt this way! In comparison, 71.8% of students throughout the state of Vermont felt the same way.

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