Course Offerings

Rice Memorial High School prides itself on academic excellence. The faculty strives to ensure each course meets our mission of inspiring students to love learning, serve others, and seek God.

The curriculum is specifically designed to prepare all students for the rigors of college academics. For those students who have excelled in specific disciplines, and who work well independently and at an accelerated pace, we offer 15 Honors level courses. We also offer 12 Advancement Placement™ courses to all qualified students including the following: English Language and Composition, English Literature and Composition, European History, Micro Economics, Macro Economics, US History, Government and Politics, Statistics, Calculus, Chemistry, Biology, Physics. AP™ examinations help students qualify for course credit or advanced standing in most colleges and universities.

Review our 2019-2020 Course Viewbook to see a full listing of classes.

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  • Burlington Tech Center

    Juniors and Seniors who do best in a hands-on learning environment – or are interested in subject areas not offered at Rice – are encouraged to consider courses available through the Burlington Technical Center.  Before applying, interested students should discuss this option with their guidance counselor. For more information on specific course offerings, visit
  • Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative

    On occasion students must look beyond the typical academic day to meet all of their academic requirements to graduate from Rice. We find this most often with students playing on our hockey teams or attending programs at one of the local technical centers. For those students who work well independently, can manage their time wisely, and require this greater scheduling flexibility, you may consider taking a course via the Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative. Talk to your guidance counselor if you are interested in this option.

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