The primary function of the Rice Guidance department is to assist students in making decisions affecting their education and to provide programs that aid them in reaching their fullest potential at Rice.  It is our goal to provide students at all levels with appropriate academic advising, to supply them with college and career information, and to provide personal counseling to support their efforts at school as needed.

Kim Pushee Hill, Guidance Counselor - or ext. 210
Rachel Rabbin, Guidance Counselor and International Student Coordinator - or ext. 211
Drew Farrell, Guidance Counselor - or ext. 212

LoisAnne Cefarello, Registrar - or ext. 209
Please consult the following student caseload chart when contacting the Guidance department:

Guidance Counselor Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors
Drew Farrell
Last Names A-H
Last Names A-G
Last Names A-H
Last Names A-G
Kim Pushee Hill
Last Names I-Z
Last Names P-Z
Last Names P-Z
Last Names H & R-Z
Rachel Rabbin
Last Names H-O
Last Names I-O
Last Names I-Q

Rachel Rabbin is also assigned all international students.

Rice Memorial High School