Rice Memorial High School recognizes that the transition from middle to high school is an exciting and important, yet sometimes stressful step in a student’s educational career. We strive to ease the transition by providing the following opportunities and support programs for all ninth graders:
  • Course placement through communication with sending school, review of grades, and standardized testing

  • Big Brother/Big Sister program - Rice assigns an upperclass mentor to each incoming ninth grader

  • Orientation for Ninth Grade Students only - always scheduled the day before the first day of school

  • Ninth Grade Team Day - an off campus class activity

  • After School Tutoring program with National Honor Society students

  • Ninth Grade Parent-Teacher Conferences in the fall

  • Freshmen Foundations course focusing on:

    • Computer literacy
    • Study Skills
    • Social and Emotional Health
    • Physical Health
    • Class Meetings

Rice Memorial High School