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  • What is the focus of this capital campaign?

    In 2013, under the direction of Msgr. Bernard Bourgeois, Rice embarked upon the “Honoring Tradition: Committing to the Future” capital campaign; an aggressive fundraising effort to preserve the deteriorating condition of our physical campus. What started as a $5 Million goal turned into $8.7 Million raised, all going towards the almost $13 Million price tag associated with the repairs and renovations.
    The vast improvements and upgrades made to the infrastructure of our building not only provided immediate benefit to our students, faculty and staff, but also increased the assessed value of the physical structure by nearly $12 Million. Yet completing this upgrade left us with remaining financial commitments towards the project financing.

    Additionally, growth of our tuition assistance endowment is necessary for growth and retention of our student population, as are renovations to our aging gym floor, bleachers, parking lot, roof and kitchen.
  • How much of every dollar raised goes to the campaign priorities?

    For every unrestricted or undesignated gift made to the campaign, 38 percent of that gift will be directed towards the tuition assistance fund, with another 27 percent reserved for debt reduction and the remaining 35 percent towards deferred maintenance, new projects and administrative/fundraising soft-costs.
  • What impact will growth in Rice's tuition assistance endowment have on students?

    With approximately $725,000 in tuition assistance being awarded from the school’s general operation budget (and assuming reasonable, yet conservative growth), adding an additional $1,800,000 will free up an estimated $90,000 from general operations.
    Insofar as the number of students that are the direct beneficiary of a healthy endowment, consider the figures below remembering that the maximum amount of aid a qualifying student can receive is $7600, while the average amount is $4,585.

    Amount InvestedAnnual VCCF Distribution (typically 5%)Number of students impacted who qualify for MAX aid annually*Number of students impacted who qualify for AVG aid annually*
    $500,000 $25,0003.25.4


  • How do I give?

    To reach our goal, this campaign must have community-wide support, and we must provide every Rice family, friend and alum the opportunity to participate. In order to accomplish this, different waves of appeals, focused on different populations of our school constituency, will be coordinated through the conclusion of the 2019-20 school year. During this time, everyone will receive an invitation to give, along with an individually tailored request amount and directions on how to make your gift.

    If you have received your appeal and are interested in making a gift online, simply click here. If you have yet to receive your appeal and would like to discuss your gift with a member of the campaign team, please contact Christy Bahrenburg at bahrenburg@rmhsvt.org OR by phone at (802) 862-6521 ext. 200.

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