Drew Macartney '05

Drew Macartney’s impact on Rice football can be seen simply by comparing the Rice football record before and during his time as a Little Indian. He joined a team that had suffered 24 consecutive losses in its previous years of competition. However, his presence as both a running back and linebacker for three years led them to a 24-5 record throughout his career, along with two appearances in the semi-finals and a championship his Senior year. Drew was a dominant and decorated football player, but more importantly, he was a leader and a role model for his teammates and classmates at Rice.

Drew’s talent can be seen by his spot on the Varsity roster all four years. Not only did he contribute to the drastic record change, but he put up some absolutely astonishing numbers doing it. His Junior season, he scored 13 touchdowns as the team’s power RB, a role he reprised in his Senior campaign, this time tallying an unbelievable 25 scores and over 1,000 yards rushing in only 11 games. During his last season, the Little Indians outscored their opponents 548-124 (Rice’s all-time scoring record). While Drew may have been a frighteningly dominant presence on offense, he more than pulled his weight on the defensive side of the ball. A force of nature as linebacker with speed, strength, and skill, Drew ensured that no team Rice faced had an easy time of it. In the 2004 season, Drew and fellow running back Matt Tomkowicz ’05 helped Rice sweep to the Championship game with a 10-0 record and helped Rice overcome Woodstock to take the crown. He earned a First Team All-State recognition for both his positions, as well as a spot in both the North-South game and the VT-NH Maple Shrine Bowl game.

Drew was not afraid of contact - he just ran over people - while Matt had a more evasive style that he used both from the line of scrimmage and on kick returns. According to Coach Tony Brice, “Drew is as good a football player as Rice has ever seen and Tomkowicz is not far behind.” No runner ever goes anywhere without good blockers and, according to Drew, “They were the greatest offensive line in Rice football history, no contest!”  Let’s hear it for Matt Kreutz, Andrew Knox, Matt Briand, Nate Denton, Ralph Alfieri, Brendan McCarthy, and Ben Trottier!

After high school, Drew participated in the football program at Acadia University in Nova Scotia. He currently works for London Life Insurance Co. and lives in London, Ontario, with his wife, Heather, and their two children, Thomas and Katherine.