Felicia Daigle '20 Chosen as Finalist in Sen. Sanders Essay Contest

Congratulations to junior Felicia Daigle whose essay on plastics in the environment was chosen from 600 submissions as a finalist in Sen. Bernie Sanders' annual State of the Union essay contest. Well done, Felicia!
Students from around Vermont wrote essays focusing on what they believe are the “major challenges facing our country, and how to solve them.”  As a finalist, Felicia has been invited to join a roundtable discussion at the Vermont Statehouse. Her essay will also be added to the Congressional Record.  

Excerpt from Felicia's essay:

"The world today revolves around our dependency on convenience. We live in a society that works to make our lives easier through inventions like drive-thrus and one-use items. Ignoring the effects of this dependency has resulted in an environmental crisis that seems to be too great to fix. The fact that 18 million pounds of plastic enters our oceans annually should shock our generation and instill a sense of ownership about this issue (Howard)...”