Rice Earns Top Honors at UVM Latin Day

John Cirignano, Latin Teacher
Congratulations to our 30+ students who participated in this year's Latin Day at UVM on Monday, February 4.  
Honors Latin 4 students from Rice earned a first place award for their skit: The Love of Baucis and Philemon, starring Libby Kowalski '19 as Baucis and Ali Rouleau '19 as Philemon.  Amaris Callan '19 earned a second place in the senior mythology exam, and won a cash award for her art work which decorated this year's Latin Day packet.

The Rice skit was narrated by Grace Hasselbach, and also starring Zach McCormick as Jupiter, Maddie Houston as Mercury, Catherine Kimball as a goose, Joey Viner as a door, and Ashton Matthews as both a wobbly table and magic bowl; plus Leo Capone and Ludovica Palmieri as inhospitable townspeople; Mary Batsie was the sound engineer; all props were painted by Amaris Callan.'

The senior probatio team consisted of six Honors Latin III students who were among the top three teams. This team consisted of Joey Brooks (captain), Izzy Magg, Izzy Riven, Henry Ammirato, Reuben Callan, and Luke Stevens.  The junior probatio team (Latin II students) consisted of Martin Gavin (captain), Jillian Getler, Amy Hester, Joe Joe DuBrul, Bella Herrera, and Will Noonan.

Other art contributors on this year's Latin Day theme, OMNIA VINCIT AMOR ("Love Conquers All"), were Samantha Morgan, Isabel Rossi, Rachel Guyette, Chasca King, Theresa Strouse, Kiley Trombly and Maddie Kern, whose piece won first place.