We encourage our students to strive for excellence everyday, in the classroom, on the athletic playing field, and in the community.  We support them as they put their very best foot forward in all areas of their life to fulfill their God-given potential.


As a College Prepatory School, Rice has a rigorous curriculum meant to prepare students for college. 
Rice has 15 Honors classe and 10 AP classes accessible to all students. A dedicated faculty with a small student ratio of 11:1 fosters a love of learning. 

With SAT scores higher than the state average and over 90 percent of graduates attending college, Rice students make their education a priority.  Our college prep curriculum focuses heavily on providing the skills necessary for students to succeed in college and life. Alumni attending some of the finest colleges and universities in the country indicate that they feel better prepared than many of their counterparts.

Catholic Mission

Our students and their families embrace our mission to love learning, seek God and serve others.  It is weaved into every aspect of life at Rice and reflected in the character our students develop and how they carry themselves inside and outside of school.

Our foundation is built on kindness, respect and trust. Each day begins with a moment of silence, a reading from the Bible and Rice's Mission Prayer. Daily Mass is offered in our chapel, along with monthly class Masses and school-wide Mass on Holy Days. Students are required to take religion classes for all four years at Rice.


The Rice community is unparalleled in its support of the school and student activities.  Our sporting events draw a tremendous fan base from current students, alumni, parents, faculty and staff with our principal, Lisa Lorenz at the very center of it all.  And, there’s the 88-year tradition of Stunt Nite epitomizing Rice spirit at its best.


Rice offers a nurturing and caring learning environment where students make connections that last a lifetime. Stunt Nite is just one example of how students leave the classroom and collaborate with the community. A Rice education goes beyond high school!

“Community” is a phrase often used in schools. At Rice, it’s a way of life. With just under 400 students – nearly 1/3 the size of most local public high schools – a sense of belonging is established quickly.  Small classes allow teachers an opportunity to really know their students. Underclassmen are recognized and mentored by older students.  And, respect for one another is expected, allowing students the freedom to try something different, often discovering new gifts and talents along the way.
Come see for yourself the Rice difference. I am available for your questions and look forward to welcoming you to the Rice community.

Caroline Schafer
Director of Enrollment

Rice Memorial High School