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Stunt Nite

Stunt Nite is something that must be seen to be understood. It is a unique annual community event filled with laughter, song, and dance that builds student confidence and forms friendships among the classes. All students are eligible to participate - close to 100 percent of Rice students voluntarily do so - and no stage experience or talent is ever necessary. Each class is permitted twenty-five to thirty minutes on stage. Time over or under could cost the class a win! Each class has 21 hours of rehearsal time to prepare for two shows performed on Vermont’s biggest stage, the Flynn Theatre in Burlington. Many are surprised to know that each of the four shows is coached by parents, former students, and many on a voluntary basis, as each performance is so exceptionally and professionally presented.

No matter how you become a part of this tremendous tradition, whether experiencing Stunt Nite through the eyes of a student, coach, parent, or member of the audience, you leave the show as part of the Rice community full of Rice pride; a Rice tradition that lasts a life-time.

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Catherine Metropoulos
Stunt Nite Director

For a list contact information for Coaches and Class Advisors, click here.

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